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  • "What I like most about ECS are the teachers because they make the lessons exciting!".
    Year 5 pupil

Admissions Procedure

At Exeter Cathedral School our aim is to have happy, challenged and fulfilled children, who achieve their maximum potential.  We are extremely proud of our current and former pupils' personal growth, achievements and scholarship successes.

Places are offered subject to:

  • Place availability;
  • The knowledge that we can provide appropriately for each child;
  • Provision for any individual not being to the detriment of others
  • In the case of Nursery aged children, that they have successfully completed lavatory training and are considered physically and emotionally ready for the programme of activities undertaken by the class.

The decision to offer a place is made by the Headmaster.  No child will be refused entry on the grounds of ethnicitiy, race, gender or social background.

Admission Procedure

Browse the website /request a prospectus

The School Admissions Registrar, Lucy Lewis, will be very pleased to answer any questions arising from this.

Make an appointment to visit

Parents are very welcome to make the initial visit either with or without their child(ren). The visit will include a meeting and tour of the School with the Headmaster (and sometimes with some pupils). 

Complete a registration form

A completed registration form together with a £75 registration fee should be submitted to the School as soon as possible.  Parents should be aware that places in our Nursery Class are booked some time in advance, and we have waiting lists in some other year groups, therefore early registration is advised.

Arrange a taster day

The taster day is an opportunity for your child(ren) to spend a normal day with the pupils  in his or her current year group and will include all the activities that happen during any chosen day. If your child has a particular interest (eg swimming), the taster day can be arranged on a day when this activity takes place. Pupil mentors are assigned to take special care of visiting children.

Children spending a taster day in the Nursery - Year 4 will be informally assessed by the form teacher during the course of the day.  Children in Year 3 and above will also undertake some assessments in English, Reading and Mathematics with a senior teacher.  No preparation is needed for this.  These assessments will not take the form of a formal examination as we want your child to be relaxed and confident so that we can assess his or her level of ability.

“On my taster day everybody was really kind and treated me as if they had known me for ages and were my best friends. At my old school I lost a lot of confidence but now I come to ECS I am starting to build it up again”. Year 6 pupil

Request of report from current school

All places offered are subject to a satisfactory report from a child's current school (or a copy of a most recent report, as appropriate)

Offer of a place

Following a taster day we will contact parents to discuss the day's events from both the School, the parent and the child's perspective and to answer any remaining questions.  If all has gone well a verbal offer of a place will be made, which will be followed up in writing.

Acceptance of a place

Acceptance of a place is requested in writing, together with a deposit of £250 which is payable by parents before a pupil starts at the Cathedral School. 

Admission Process for Cathedral Choristers

Please contact Lucy Lewis, the Admissions Registrar, for further information on admissions@exetercs.org or call 01392 422763.




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