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Formal written homework is not set below Year 3, though at all ages from Reception upwards children are given reading and other tasks for ‘homework' and may be asked to finish work started but not finished in class. The aim of homework is twofold with the emphasis changing between Years 3 and 8.

In Year 3 homework can be an exercise in personal organisation.  If a seven year old pupil can organise the right books and materials to go home, do the work and bring it back to class having attempted the correct task, then the homework has been a success.  Homework is also valuable as an extension and reinforcement of class work.  Work of an open-ended nature (project work or problem solving) may be set.

Pupils from Year 3 upwards are expected to use the homework diary provided to organise their work schedules.  Parents can also see what homework has been set and participate in checking that it has been completed by signing the diary each day.  The diary therefore provides a useful means of home/school contact.

By Year 5, the content of homework will have become more formal and reinforcement and extension of skills acquired in lessons is the main aim.  More open-ended work will also be set and research skills will be practised.  By Year 8 these latter aspects are increasingly important.


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