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  • "What I like most about ECS are the teachers because they make the lessons exciting!".
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Year 7 (Age 11+)

In Year 7 the children have all their lessons taught by subject specialists but continue to see their form teacher, who will oversee their pastoral care on a regular basis.

All pupils have full and exciting timetables with a wide variety of academic and non-academic challenges, practical and artistic activities all enhanced by sports fixtures, drama performances and musical concerts.

This is normally the stage in the children’s career when parents are beginning to consider their choice of senior school. The Headmaster is very pleased to provide guidance on both the schools available and on their suitability for the individual child. Making this decision when a child is twelve years old means that the senior school is chosen in the light of a full and secure knowledge of each child’s particular interests, strengths and weaknesses.

In Years 7 and 8 there is the opportunity for those with special interest or ability in Art or Music to be involved in special classes designed to develop the children’s talents in these areas and, if appropriate, prepare them for scholarship entry to senior school.

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